• Image of RR06: Systemik Viølence - Anarquia-Violência 7"

Deported from the depths of Japanese hell with a stop over Scandinavia, SYSTEMIK VIØLENCE arrives in Portugal in 2016 with their demo in hand, "FUCK AS PUNK". After terrorizing their crowd and reporters everywhere else for the past two years, SYSTEMIK VIØLENCE are back with their Dis-GISM-Cimex worship on new 7" called "Anarquia-Violência", co-released by 4 Portuguese labels Regulator Records; Raging Planet, Ring Leader and Raw 'N' Roll Rex.

This is as raw as it gets!

Vinyl tracklist:
A1 - Anarquia-Violência
A2 - Pérolas a Posers
A3 - Male Dumbinance
B1 - Crapitalism
B2 - Vulture Culture
B3 - Ego-Sistema
B4 - You Also Hold the Knife

Limitation: 250 Copies

Release Date: March 31st